Top 10 Mistakes in Starting an Online Business

Are you aspiring to start up a business online? Well, here are top 10 mistakes to be careful about in the virtual commercial zone.

  • Too much of procrastination

When you are starting an online business you should deploy a good deal of time to analyze its pros & cons fro you but don’t get carried away with procrastinating thoughts. You have to take risks fearlessly – the first service or product might not be that good but if your market survey cites demand for the item and if you are ready to work hard on it, don’t wait.


  • Not paying heed to customer complaints

Your customer forms the soul of your business and you would commit the biggest of mistakes if you don’t pay heed to their grievances. In fact, the smarter way would be to ask them about the points of dissatisfaction and suggestions for improvement.

  • Business casually chosen

If you yourself aren’t passionate about your business or blog topic, how would you inspire the customers?

  • Not studying competitors

If you do not know where you lack in comparison to competitors you cannot ever achieve the desired dominant status in the market.

  • Being meager in marketing

The virtual commercial space features a fierce competition where the customers are spoilt for choices for the same product. If you cannot create a strong reminder for them through versatile marketing campaigns effectively highlighting your brand, you will disappear in no time.

  • Being alone

As mentioned earlier, the online market is a fiercely competitive space and hence it is always good to welcome additional support at least when you are in the initial phase of the business. So, don’t hesitate to outsource services to fulfill your customers’ demands, on time.

  • Not studying current trends

You might have a highly active blog online but if you are not updating yourself with the current trends in your industry, you are soon to lose out on member support for the blog.

  • Lack of adequate capital

Capital is a vital word in any online business and if you lack there you would soon end up with a futile attempt. So, before starting your online business, make sure you are decently backed by adequate financial assistance.

  • Unrealistic expectations

Yes, it’s true that the online market is a prosperous field but it cannot guarantee you overnight success. Thus do not set unrealistic goals because disappointment discourages taking to further risks in business.

  • Not being specific about market

If you are not specific about your target niche, your marketing efforts would end up in complete wastage of time, money and energy.



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A Simple Mindset to Drastically improve your business

Every start-up entrepreneur dreams of making it big one day. Developing a business is undoubtedly a perplex affair but if you are right with the strategies you will soon find success kissing your feet. There are some really simple and very fundamental steps when it comes to defining prosperity in a business. Are you too an aspiring entrepreneur ambitious for a phenomenal growth. Well, here are some simple yet proven strategies that will lead you towards the achievement.

Be thorough

No matter whichever business you take up, you must be thorough on the industry and the subject. Read every book or document possible on the topic and try to consult the established names in the field for time-tested strategies. Added to self-training, you must educate your employees on the business subject as well.

Business concept: optical glass with  icons

Dream big but real

Yes, you are ambitious and love to dream big. High dreams act as the much needed boost to your business operations but make sure these are realistic as per your present caliber and affordability- unrealistic dreams no matter how potential these are might lead to depression when seems unable to materialize. Thus, you have to set realistic goals for every month or 6 months or a year and gear up yourself to achieve those objectives. A business with no set goals cannot ever make it big.

Market widely

In the contemporary age of cut-throat competition, a high-impact effective marketing campaign is mandatory to reach out to your customers. You can take to online promotions here as the virtual market shows a staggering popularity today.   Try out various advertising avenues to promote your products in versatile ways.

Be careful about the trends

You & your employees should continuously update yourself about the changing trends in the market. Remember change is the only constant thing and if you are unable to adapt your strategies as per the changing demands, your business won’t survive.

Value customer opinions

Your customer is certainly the KING of your business and your every strategy must be designed to ensure convenience for them. Be courteous with them and always ask them to cite the areas of improvement in your service. Follow their suggestions to guarantee enhanced customer satisfaction and escalated client retention.

Dedicated & professional employees

Be careful to select dedicated & professional employees as it’s your staffs who form the main pillar of the business.

Check finances regularly

You must deploy a dedicated and sincere accountant to take care of the financial operations & check the economic mismanagement in the business.


10 Best Social Media Sites for Small Business Owners

 Most of the entrepreneurs are opting for an online platform, regardless of what their field is, and there a good reason why they are doing so. Your website is primarily the base camp from where you can target an increasing number of target audiences. Next, it is important to promote your brand frequently, as they say, out of sight out of mind. And what is the single most effective platform to promote a small business, well, it’s but obvious social networking platform. You must be aware of how social networking websites work, however, promoting you business online might be a new concept for you. Read on for more insight on how you can make use of the following 10 websites for your small business.


  • Facebook: With over 800 million users on it, Facebook is a perfect platform to tap millions of potential customers. The trick here is to create profile/community page of your business and keep on updating regular information pertaining to your business.
  • Twitter: This micro blogging website gives you access to 300 million potential clients worldwide. Individuals who follow you will get access to all your short posts, or tweets.
  • YouTube: A video sharing site is perfect for online marketing of your small business.
  • GooglePlus: With features like messengers, circles, hangout, instant upload etc, GooglePlus is a great social networking platform for promoting your business.
  • LinkedIn: One of the best websites to target potential clients, LinkedIn helps you to increase your business contacts and post regular updates for you potential client base.
  • Pinterest: Sharing updates by means of pictures is what this website is all about. Posting regular images is a great way to keep you audiences captured. When an individual likes a certain picture they cab’ pin it’
  • Ryze: This website is particularly for professionals and entrepreneurs. You can join it for free which gives you direct access to more than 5, 00,000 members across the globe.
  • Talkbiznow: This social networking website specializes in providing business to professionals and small businesses. Hence by being a part of such a website you can gain access to numerous professionals who are looking for business solutions.
  • Affluence: As the name suggests, this social networking website is for the who’s who are part of this social networking site, and you have to prove your worth to be part of it.
  • Quora: With the popular answers option now disabled by LinkedIn, Quora is now a great pick for small business owners.


The 8 Fastest-Growing Industries for Small Business

Despite the fact that many people across the world are facing financial crunches, there are quite a few sectors yet to be explored and which hold quite a bit of potential for those exploring it. Many students fresh out of college dream of working in large corporations but that is not always possible. But there are some other sectors which you could start out in. They may be small but they are fast becoming more popular with incredible amount of scope.


  • Construction

As more and more companies erupt, they all look for locations where they can set up offices. Due to this there has been a boom in the construction industry. There is always someone or the other in the search for building contractors.

  • Farming

Though this may not seem as modern, there are some areas like oilseed and grain farming which are seeing a lot of improvements and advancement. If you think you might be interested, this is a pretty good area to enter.

  • Real Estate

In the past few years, the real estate sector wasn’t doing so well but now it is slowly on the rise again. Real estate agents as well as brokers are going to be receiving a lot of opportunities soon enough.

  • Consultants

There is always a need for consultant no matter what sphere it is. It could be technical, agricultural, scientific, management, etc. If you have the required knowledge and qualifications, this is a great sector to enter as it holds tremendous scope.

  • Architectural Engineers

Many new companies are emerging and old ones are branching out. They all look for engineers who can help them create buildings, shops, etc. So this sector can only see more expansion.

  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

It may not seem so but the ability to make things out of metal is very much a skill that is in demand. Companies that engage in this activity daily are seeing a lot of growth.

  • Computers

Yes, technology keeps advancing and growing. But it’s not doing it by itself no matter how smart it might be. There is always the need for people with the capability to design computer systems from scratch.

  • Specialty Food Stores

People are becoming fed up of chains like Walmart, Tesco, etc. They are slowly moving away from these huge departmental stores and looking towards smaller ones that specialize in certain kinds of food. Be it wheat and gluten-free, health food, or any sort of specialty food, stores that do cater to these populations tend to do well.

It is not only the large corporations that have been doing well. Lots of these small sectors have been doing surprisingly well and they even hold potential.


What Are The Top Ten Businesses To Start?

If you think you have it in you to be an entrepreneur and don’t know where to start, you need not worry. There are many possible spheres you can get into. Whatever decision you make, needs to be an informed one so as to ensure success in that field. Though there is no sure guarantee what will be hot and what won’t be, one thing you can do is ensure that if there is a fall, you are insulated against it. Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

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  • IT consulting - There is no explanation required here. In a world that is becoming dominated by technology there is always need for an IT consultant.
  • Caring for the elderly – Sometimes part time help is not enough when the elderly face problems like illnesses or disabilities. In times like that round the clock assistance and care is required. People are always on the lookout for good and honest help from elderly care agencies.
  • Workers for the elder folk – The older generation have been able to live more independently thanks to modern medicine but they still require help every now and then. You could always start a business that provides help to the elderly, that is, help with grocery shopping, driving, physical therapy, etc. which they would not be able to do alone.
  • Investment assistance – The tax codes are complex that people will always need help trying to figure it out. There will always be a need for help in managing wealth that is collectively held, accountants, Insurance agents, investment advisers, lawyers, etc.
  • Real estate for retirement – Houses along the coast are fast becoming popular, especially for single-family homes. The prices for these kinds of houses have shot up significantly in the past few years. Either selling real estate or providing service to those kinds of companies is bound to benefit you.
  • Recreation - One thing most people always want is to be fit. Depending on location various activities like golf, hiking, tennis, bicycling, etc. are popular and people with money tend to engage in these activities.
  • Improvement for the aging – Those who are losing the essence of youth will not hesitate in spending money to recapture their lost youth. This includes things like yoga, Pilates, Botox, fancy creams and other beauty treatments. This is the jackpot for entrepreneurs.
  • Outsourcing at home – Plenty of outsourcing work is right at home. Independent contractors such as those in the fields of accounting, humanresources, law, etc. provide such work and entrepreneurs with this kind of knowledge are bound to do well.
  • Outsourcing agencies – Sometimes even agencies outsource work by the temps they supply to companies to do the work. Workers who have this skill are always welcome.
  • Travel services – There is a rising demand for restaurants, copy centres, small shops, dry cleaners, etc. as more and more people, whether they’re young or old want to visit the scenic areas of the country like the mountains, national parks, etc. This is where you come in with resort services.

Business Ideas & Opportunities For 2014

These kind of business opportunities may not make you rich overnight but one thing is assured is that you will make real money.

  • Nanny services and day care

These days, both parents tend to work. For families with children, this becomes an issue. This is where day care services and nanny services come into play. This has becoming a booming industry. However, the opportunity does not lay in becoming a nanny or baby sitter yourself but by creating a company or agency that can provide nannies and baby sitters.


  • Gluten-free food stalls, bakeries, restaurants, etc.

It’s very difficult to stick to only wheat and gluten free products. However, that can change with gluten free bakeries and restaurants. People will eat anything so as long as it tastes good. If grocery stores can increase the number of gluten free products they sell, why not open bakeries and restaurants that do the same? There is huge scope for these kinds of food joints which are willing to sell fresh gluten free food.

  • Piercings and Tattoos

People, in their attempt to be different or unique or stand out in the crowd have resorted to piercing various parts of their body or tattooing it. Since most of the youth seems so keen on decorating their body, it only makes sense that this industry is growing. It’s even better when the shops offering these services are clean and provide spa-like experiences.

  • Advocates for patients

It is not easy to go through the medical system if you have a loved one or if you yourself have a serious illness or if there is a need of surgery. So as a patient advocate it would be your job to help others to get through the medical system has efficiently as possible. A medical background is not required.

  • Development of mobile apps

One of the easiest things possible is to create a mobile app that will go viral. Be inspired by apps like flappy bird, 2048, candy crush saga, angry birds, etc. Popular gaming apps spread like wildfire among the youth.

  • Transportation services

There is so much potential here. People do not realize how much transportation services are in need. It has a lot of scope. Not only for those who cannot drive themselves, or cannot afford a car, but also for the non-mobile like the elderly or those who are limited by medical situations or health issues. There are many cases where the non-mobile need help getting onto a bus or into a car, the need to move wheelchairs, etc.

  • Tea stores

Who doesn’t love tea? Tea consumption is only rising and it is an extremely popular beverage. So why stick to packets and boxes from super markets and groceries when you can go enjoy the various different flavors and kinds of teas that are coming up in a tea store. People are coming up with whacky and unconventional flavors and even more people are ready to try them out. People love trying out new things these days.

10 Best New Business Ideas for 2014

Here are some of the best business ideas for 2014:-

  • There is always scope for a personal trainer. There is no shortage of people who are ready to hire one so as to remain fit and active. As there are more cases of obesity and as more and more people want to stay fit to retain their youth, the demand for personal trainers is growing. People feel they cannot do it by themselves and tend to hire personal trainers who will keep them on the line till they achieve perfection.


  • As we are entering the digital age, there is a higher demand for online virtual assistants as opposed to in-house assistants. Now you don’t need to be physically present to work at our jobs. The demand for the online market is only increasing in this day and age.
  • It might seem difficult to start in an already established market where everything seems to be taken but there are still several areas that are yet to be targeted and one of the areas happen to be niche price comparison websites. These are bound to become popular since the market is steadily growing. This is a good option for those who are tech savvy
  • Victorian-themed businesses are coming back with a bang as shows like Sherlock are making the Victorian age seem more appealing. Many things have been inspired by this era like taxidermy, fashion collections, weddings, etc. You could always get a job related to the Victorian themed era considering its current popularity.
  • One of the best things to happen is the Raspberry Pi accessories. They are microcomputers that have got a lot of attention from Press as well as the public. As technology is advancing, this little beauty has done wonders. Entering this field would not be a mistake.
  • Since the Bring Your Own Device is on the rise, there is more demand for IT professionals and BYOD consultants to help make sense of it and navigate through it. There is a growth in the field of remote working and this has further contributed to this sphere of work. It is an extremely good field for IT consultants.
  • This is one field that has become poplar particularly with the youth. It is one of convenience and one that is quick and saves time. Mobile catering of food and drinks is now a big thing and will only become more popular with time. It has been gaining momentum.
  • Though this idea is not that new, it is still very popular as more and more companies are turning towards blogging to maintain a virtual rapport with their consumers. Blogging was and still is a very popular means of communication which works both ways. It is also a great way to advertise.
  •  Since the dawn of the digital age, companies have turned towards the internet for storing their vast amounts of data. As a result there has risen the need for data analytics.
  • The baby boomer generation are keen on boutique care homes as their retirement options

Process Payroll Efficiently with a Payroll Time Clock

Today’s time clocks do not look anything like the old-fashioned punch clocks of yesteryear. Time clocks were initially 100 percent manual in nature, requiring actual employee cards (often referred to as “time cards”) that needed to be slid through a paper-punching mechanism on a time clock; or through a special slot that would imprint clock-in and clock-out times. Today’s clocks, in stark contrast, are almost always digital in nature, with the only physical interaction between the clock and employees being with the punching-in of an electronic code, or the sliding of an identification card with a special barcode on it.

When considering a potential electronic time clock system for your business, keep efficiency in mind. The more you can consolidate the various tasks required when running a business, the more time you’ll have. And the better you manage your time, the better example you’ll set for your employees.

The majority of today’s time clocks use a computer system to record employees’ log-in and log-out times, as well as breaks and days off. But did you know that some systems can integrate with your existing computer system? If you use specialized software to manage inventory and payroll, you will be able to integrate a payroll time clock system. This system will fit in seamlessly with your existing registers and computers, and will provide you not just with information on who is working and when, but the total hours worked, as well as other hour and wage information that is essential for processing payroll. Some time clock systems can even be managed remotely, from other logged in computers and even from smartphones and tablets. click here for more information.

Even if you are not very tech savvy, you’ll find that time clock systems are extremely easy to use and intuitive in nature. Many developers and wholesalers of time clocks also offer installation assistance and technical support – so whether you need help getting the system up and running in your establishment, or you run into technical issues later on, you won’t be left to take care of the problem by yourself.

Companies Introducing Health and Wellness Classes at Work

Business owners know that healthy employees are happy and productive employees. When a worker comes in with the cold, that employee can easily infect dozens of other people by the end of the day. That can lead to multiple people taking time off work, which can impact the profits of that business. Companies recently introduced new programs and classes that help employees learn more about and understand the importance of staying healthy. Businesses that rely on similar programs can improve their bottom line and get more out of their workers.

Weight Loss Programs

Wellness Corporate Solutions and other similar companies help clients understand why they need to teach their employees about staying healthy. Those who are overweight are more at risk for developing diabetes and other medical conditions. When a company offers health insurance, the employer will spend more to cover that worker. Weight loss programs help employees lose weight together, and studies show that those who have a support group in place can lose more weight. Some employers also offer incentives to those who lose weight. They reward those who lose the largest percentage of weight with free vacation days, cash bonuses and other prizes.

Exercise Classes

One of the health and wellness courses that employers now offer is exercise classes. Instead of simply encouraging workers to get in shape through physical exercise, employers host classes on-site. They might bring in a yoga teacher to guide employees through different stretches and meditation exercises. Other employers use exercise before or after work in the parking lot or a spare room to help workers learn some exercises they can use at home or at their desks. There are also a few companies providing workers with bonuses for wearing pedometers and tracking their progress throughout the day or week.

Stop Smoking Courses

Federal law prohibits employers from asking certain questions when hiring new workers. Employers usually cannot ask is a potential employee smokes, but someone who smokes can waste 30 to 60 minutes or more every day. It also costs more in terms of health insurance to insure smokers. That is why many employers now offer courses designed to help workers stop smoking and others offer incentives to those who stop smoking. WCS and other companies can help businesses understand the importance of health and wellness and how they can change the way their employees think.

To borrow, or not to borrow?

You may be somewhat skeptical about obtaining a payday advance. However, it could be what you need to get yourself out of that financial hole you have fallen into. Below are some tips on what to look for, and avoid, when dealing with payday loan companies.

When you get your first pay day loan be sure to ask about any discounts. Most payday loan companies provide a fee or interest rate discount for first-time borrowers. Be sure to call around and see where you can find the best deal, the first company you try might not be the best option.

Think carefully about how much cash you need. The more money you borrow, the greater the pay back. Even though it may be tempting to borrow a larger amount, try and think ahead to how much money you will then be left with on your next payday. Be sure to budget and take only what you need.

It is important to ensure that you can afford to pay the advance back in full on your next payday, without leaving yourself short. Payday cash advances should only be used in emergencies, when you have no other options. If you sign up for a cash advance and cannot pay it back on time there will be a number of expensive consequences. You will most likely be charged some kind of late fee plus growing interest. It is imperative to avoid this.

Before opting for a payday advance, be sure that you’ve looked at all of your other options. It will be much better if you can get the funds by way of a bank loan, borrowing the money from a relative, or even from a credit card. The fees from these options would be considerably less than a payday loan.

Some of the best advice that can be given regarding payday loans is to avoid taking out multiple loans at the same time. This will make it almost impossible to pay every loan back on your next payday without having to reborrow. Doing this can lead down a very dangerous path, from which it can be very hard to recover from.

If you decide a cash advance is your best option then make sure you do your research. There can be fraudulent operations out there. Be sure to choose a reliable company which has been in business for a number of years and has a good reputation. You can also check the BBB website to see the standing of payday loan companies in Edmonton that you are considering dealing with.

All of these tips will serve you in deciding if a payday loan is the right borrowing option for you. If you choose to take out a cash advance then be sure to do your research and use them with caution. It is important to make these loans work for you, rather than against you.

The best way to invest in your own apartment and real commercial estate.

What happens when you suddenly have an emergency or a cash requirement? Loan is definitely not an option because sanctioning of a loan takes at least a month or so and there is no guarantee that loan will be sanctioned to you. At such times if you have some physical assets with you at that time which would help you out in your emergency. Investing in your own apartment and commercial real estate is the best way to get good profits and returns. It will also work as a fantastic investment.


There are two types of investments made. One is the one which a person invests in a property other than his home. It means that the person is staying in a particular city and buys a flat in different city or same city but another area just as an investment. The purchase of the flat is for future investment and the view is pure returns and profits from the investment.

The second type is where a person buys a flat, apartment and uses it. He buys or invests in the flat not only as an investment but also as a home, house. The house is being used every day by the owners itself or the tenants. The tenants come into picture in the first type too. Here the maintenance of the house is not a problem at all. So the returns can vary accordingly.


1.)  There are three types of real estate. Residential real estate, Industrial real estate and commercial real estate are the different types.

2.)  Commercial real estate is the one which is purely based on the leasing of the space. Commercial real estate is ordinarily used for business purposes. It includes males, restaurants, gas stations, office towers, departmental stores etc.

3.)  Here the owner of the following things mentioned above take rent from the people who own offices or in case of malls own shops, stores in the space.

4.)  This is the most beneficial type of investment. The malls, restaurants, office towers never go wrong and never go waste.

5.)  Due to the high demand of all the above things, people who own a large space generally opt for this type of things. And they should often opt for such things because it is a permanent for of income.

6.)  Until and unless the mall, restaurant keeps working the income will be constant.

There are some new projects in Ghaziabad. There are also some new residential projects coming up in Ghaziabad. Here is a list of few new projects coming up in the city. They are mostly new residential projects.

1.)  JNC Greenwoods developed by J.N.C Constructions.

2.)  Ajnara Integrity developed by Ajnara India Limited.

3.)  Shri Ram Heights introduced by Rockford Developers.

4.)  The Alien Court constructed and developed by Care Group.

5.)  Dev Heights by DBF Infrastructure.

6.)  Keltech Rize by Keltech Infrastructure.

7.)  Global Village by Gaursons India.

8.)  Saviour Street developed by Saviour Builders.

9.)  Savy Ville De by Ascent Buildtech.

10.)  K W Shrishti (Phase 2) developed and constructed by K world Group.

There are many more new upcoming residential projects in Ghaziabad which look like a golden opportunity for buying and investment. You can choose any as per your choice and then invest or buy that property. Also if you have any space that you are not utilizing then look for more information upon commercial real estate and become a rich man in no time.

How to Save Energy and Reduce Your Business Electricity Bill

For any business in the modern environment, one of the hardest things that you can do is actually take down your expenses and cut your electrical cost. This can take a considerable amount of time, and requires you to really work at it in terms of doing your research & diligence into finding out what the actual cause of your excess costs will be.

What many businesses find today, though, is that these costs are raised into the sky due to wasted electricity. This can come from energy leaving an inefficient building – which means insulation and other jobs need to be carried out to make it feel more comfortable – the problem that this makes for you, then, is that you need to invest significant amounts of capital into the business to try and cover these shortfalls. You will be spending money to make money.

So, let’s look at some simple ways that you can reduce costs without spending much or anything at all – these are more logical suggestions that you may think you do, but in reality rarely get done many people in a business environment;

Put Computers on Stand-By

This is something that more people need to do, as computers are expensive to run when they come in multiples. If you are an IT office or any kind of computer-based business then you can cut your costs by as much as 10% by just making sure that your PCs are dealt with more efficiently. Make sure they are all switched off when they are finished for the day, and that they are put into a proper sleep mode system when nobody is using them. This is a simple one but will make an absolutely massive difference in the future.

Wrap The Office Boiler

If you look around, you’ll be able to find insulating jackets for boilers. They can cost anything up to £15, absolutely nothing for a business, but can help you save an incredible amount of CO2 every single year – sometimes as much as 450kg in a single year! This depends on your size and usage limits etc but it can be an incredibly useful to have in your armory, especially as it’s so cheap to implement.

Don’t Overheat

Many companies put the heating on to absolute extremes during the winter in a big to make sure everyone is warm – in truth, this is a huge oversight by many businesses. As long as a room is 16-9 degrees in temperature, then everyone inside is going to be just fine – that’s typical, happy room temperature. In the winter, many rooms go way beyond this and this can be costing huge increases to your electricity costs. Balancing your heating usage can be a huge benefit to a business.

These three simple tasks are all that it takes to start seeing big reductions in your energy usage. Simple additions like weather stripping for doors and covering up any air leaks can also help to reduce expenditure – just be as logical as possible.

Effective Strategies For Trade Show Success

Before you attend an important trade show you need to have your strategies in place and these need to have been communicated to your employees. This will cover everything from how to behave, how to draw attention to your stand, knowing how to achieve what you want and what to do when the event is over. Here is a list to help you get started, although of course there may be things you want to add once you’ve thought about it more.

  • Know What You Want: Your aims and objectives should be clear from the outset. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve from you attendance at the trade show. Do you want new sales leads? Awareness of a new product? To gain a stronger foothold in your market? Whatever it is, everything you do should be geared specifically towards achieving this.
  • Use Social Media: All the traditional methods of pre-show promotion – sending out press releases and so on – are still very important today. But perhaps even more important is knowing how to use social media platforms to engage potential customers. You should be posting videos and links in the run-up to the event and encouraging your followers to share or comment on these. The more you can do to stand out from your competitors in this regard, the better your chances of making a splash at the show.
  • Target Specific People: Part of your pre-show strategy should involve setting up meetings with people who have been identified as useful for promoting your overall aims. This means you and your team need to sit down and work out exactly who you are going to contact. It’s about making the most of your time there. If your team just target anyone with a vague link to your sector then they are likely to waste valuable time talking to people who can’t really help them or further your cause.
  • Train Your Staff:  It’s important that you choose the right staff to take along to the event. And then, once you’ve got your team together, you need to spend a little time training them in how to behave once they are there. For one thing, each person should have a specific task, whether that is roving the trade show floor, attending meetings or looking after the booth. And make sure they know how to make visitors feel welcome: this means being friendly without being pushy and always standing up when somebody comes along. If they remain sitting it can make them look unenthusiastic and will put people off.
  • Booth Design: This is one area on which it certainly pays to spend a lot of time. Think about your design concept: what kinds of graphics will you use? How can these be utilised to present a coherent brand image? What kinds of signs or display boards will you be using – poster boards or folding displays? It’s a good idea if your display boards are elevated so visitors can see them from a long way off. Booth design is all about drawing attention to yourself to attract the most visitors possible. If it’s appropriate to the products you offer, some kind of interactive element can be a great crowd puller, and offering refreshments will always go down well.
  • Emphasise Your Strengths: Think about what makes your company stand out from its competitors in the field. What can you offer that nobody else can? Whatever it is, this is the thing you need to shout loudest about. Customers like to feel they are getting the best deal possible, so your marketing material should be telling them exactly why you are the company they should be choosing.
  • Post-Show Publicity: Your work doesn’t end when the show is over. As soon as your team gets back to the office they should be working on post-show publicity. Remember that if you follow up leads quickly whilst your company is still fresh in a potential customer’s mind they are far more likely to turn into sales. This is also the time to publish and send out press releases summarising what you have achieved and thanking visitors for their interest.

How to Promote a Small Business Online

Whether you are an expert in public relations or marketing, the hardest part comes to letting people recognize your business. But if you have a business, getting it out to the public is your priority – so you must put your effort in marketing as no one will do it for you.

To make this happen, here are a few tips on how you can promote your small business online:

  • Know your audience well: This tip may appear to be a no-brainer, but most businesses are unable to determine their right audience. It should be common knowledge that once you determine “who” your target audience is then you can go about “how you can possibly reach them.
  • Have a website: At this age, nearly all businesses have websites and I assume your small business has one. You need to ensure you are using it effectively. Update your website frequently as search engines love fresh content. The best way to do this is by having a blog. There are many companies out there who have websites that haven’t been updated for more than a year, which is not a good sign.
  • Social media: The internet has many social sites. Pick one or two first that effectively and most likely represent your business. Others will follow as time goes by. Remember a rule of the thumb: engage your audiences in meaningful discussions which will help you gain a following.
  • Claim your business in free directory listings: Claiming your business online helps in knowing and issuing responses when people write positive or negative things about it. This may help you dispute comments, more so if they are negative. Recommended online directories include Google and Yahoo.
  • Branding: Your business is your brand so make sure you have your logo and name noticeable by everyone and on everything. This depicts what you are and what your business reflects.

From this tips, you might find it overwhelming to start out with all of them. Choose a strategy and decide on what you need to approach first. The other tips can be attended to later, but don’t let your business drag to the bottom of your “to-do list.

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The five richest British-born authors

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For authors who don’t achieve commercial success the future can look grim.  Recent research by the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society found that the average income of a professional writer is only £11,000 per year.

Not that the authors in our list have anything to worry about. These are the five richest authors born in the UK – as it will still be known at least until Friday.

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However, they are not particularly wealthy in international terms. Despite their big fortunes, only JK Rowling has been included in the Forbes list of the world’s top-earning authors of 2014, after amassing $14 million (£9 million) this past year. James Patterson topped the list with earnings of $90 million.

  1. JK Rowling (estimated fortune of £560 million)

The successful creator of the Harry Potter series is unsurprisingly the wealthiest author in the UK. Even now, three years after the end of the film saga, Rowling keeps on earning big sums of money thanks to the never-ending success of the young wizard stories and the upcoming BBC adaptation of her latest novel, The Casual Vacancy.  She was the 11th highest-earning author of 2014, according to Forbes. The only other British author to make that list was Fifty Shades of Gray‘s E.L. James, whose $10 million earnings in 2014 placed her in 15th position.

  1. Jamie Oliver (estimated fortune of £150 million)

Reference: Boutiko

The celebrity chef and media personality has also enjoyed success as an author. His cook books (he has written more than a dozen) have turned out to be as popular as his TV shows and his restaurants, representing a big portion of Oliver’s income.

  1. Barbara Taylor Bradford (estimated fortune of £150 million)

Leeds-born and New York resident Taylor Bradford has amassed a wealth similar to Oliver’s, although in her case it has been thanks to her worldwide best-selling fiction novels, especially the Emma Harte Saga, which she started in the 1970s and The Ravenscar Trilogy, published over the past decade. Her work is popular on the other side of the Atlantic as well.

  1. Jeffrey Archer (estimated fortune, £135 million)

The former politician and Londoner has sold over 250 million copies worldwide of his books, which include the Dante-inspired trilogy A Prison Diary,written during the time he spent in jail. With a collection of work that includes, plays, short stories and children’s books, Archer’s career as a writer has proven to be more productive than his time as a politician.

  1. Jackie Collins (estimated fortune, £60 million)

Also known for being the younger sister of actress Joan Collins, began her writing career in the 1960s with the controversial The World is Full of Married Men and has enjoyed commercial success ever since, thanks to her Hollywood series and The Santangelo Novels, whose latest instalment, Confessions of a Wild Child, was released last year. The London-born author now resides in Beverly Hills.

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How Does VPS Works?

Today’s world is governed by technology. Everything we do, right from communicating to our friend who is sitting in the other continent to going up and meeting him, is just a matter of couple of clicks. We never knew only when this technology came and became such an integral part of our lives. Now we cannot even imagine our lives without this advancement of information technology. However, be it any war or development, there are two kinds of heroes, one who are popular and the other who are unsung. Popular heroes in this context are the gadgets like the smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets. However, there are some unsung heroes as well including the likes of optical fibers and VPS or virtual private servers. Now you all must be quite well versed with a server but what is this virtual server and why is it important? Let us answer all these questions in the following few lines.

A virtual private server as the name suggests is not a tangible server but a virtual ones. However, some of its functions are more important than a tangible server. A web hosting company provides this service of a virtual private server. Yes, the VPS is old as a service. A VPS like its tangible counterpart has got an operating system to work upon. However, that being said, the operating system used by a virtual private server is its own copy and cannot be run anywhere else. The customer have a great dependence on this operating system and they can install almost everything that is compatible with that operating system. This is not all, some of the technocrats have called the abolishment of the physical servers in the favor of virtual private servers. The reason for their demand is that many of the functions of a physical server are easily performed and executed on a virtual private server. Apart from this, configuring a physical server is not a piece of cake. It needs a lot of time and effort both. A virtual private server on the other hand is software driven and hence can be pretty easily configured and managed.

However, not everything goes in the favor of virtual private servers. Although, they cost way less than a tangible server, many of these virtual private servers are run on a single physical server. Hence, the performance of these virtual private servers may lag behind and is also fiercely dependent on the other software and the other applications being run on the hardware or the physical server in this case. The most important and the most profitable asset of these virtual servers is their virtualization. This virtualization is very crucial as it not only creates easy configuration and customization but the security levels are also heightened due to it. This is very important as many of the servers of important companies are being hacked in the modern world where security has become a key issue. In today’s world, data security is equivalent to money and thus, the virtualization part of these virtual private servers is a big hit.

How to find coffee vans for sale

There is nothing more exciting than the first steps into a new business venture, whether it’s your first or you have been in business for years. Every time you take make the first moves you will get that buzz that you’re beginning a new adventure, and who knows just where you will end up. Obviously it’s not just a case of looking into coffee vans for sale or renting a shop and getting going – you’re going to need to do your research. Coffee franchises are one of the fastest growing and most popular options available at the moment, and there’s plenty of room on the market for new businesses to spring up all the time.

How to find coffee vans for sale

There’s a lot which can go right, but there are also things which can (and probably will) go wrong as well if it isn’t well researched and thought through. Figures and spreadsheets might not be at the front of your mind but everything comes down to the fact if the books don’t balance then it’s never going to be a viable business choice.

Start with your business plan. There are two main choices which you’re going to have to make in the initial stages of your new planning. Are you going to become a part of a coffee franchise or find your own way by starting up from scratch as a small business?

There’s no one best type of coffee vans for sale either. No vans are actually made with the coffee shop facilities you would be after to run a successful business.

When it comes to a coffee van for sale there isn’t just one type. There are a whole host of different styles of van you could choose, and while this will partially depend on what you are planning on serving, it will also depend on your personal choice. Often a newly converted van will be best because it will run for longer and more efficiently than an older second hand model. If you do decide to buy second hand do the same research you would with a car. Does it have a full service history? How many miles has it gone?

If you join a franchise you will usually be provided with brand new fully fitted coffee vans for sale so that you’re able to provide their coffees the way you will be taught to make them. The other benefits of not going it alone is that you will be provided with plenty of training and support throughout the transition.